About me

Hello, my name is Helena. I am an artist/illustrator and tattoo artist. 

I am British but was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Cape Town. I am currently based in Berlin. 

Living in very different countries and being exposed to many cultures has had a big impact on me and my work. Much of what inspires me has come out of my travels and experience living in 3 continents. 

My art focuses mainly on women, femininity, solitude, mood and moments. I shift between black and white, pen and ink drawings and paintings using gouache and acrylic. 

My tattoos are an extension of my art. They have become another form in which I can sell my art just using a different medium and canvas to work upon. I only do every tattoo design once so that each person buys a unique piece of art for their bodies. To see my tattoo work, you can check out my Instagram: @byehelenatattoo

To get regular updates on my art, you can follow my art page: @helena.goddard.art

I try to make art that speaks to people or in the hope that people can see themselves in the pieces and find some comfort or relativity or even nostalgia. If i can succeed in this, then it's nice to know I am connecting with people through my work.

I hope you enjoy it.